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Sold in over 120 countries world-wide, Beck’s is to this day brewed according to Reinheitsgebot – the German Purity Law - and states that only 4 natural ingredients can be used in its brewing; barley, hops, yeast and water.

Alcohol by volume



First brewed in Bremen, Northwest Germany in 1874, Beck’s is to this day brewed according to the German Purity Laws which date back to 1516. Within one year of its launch, Beck’s received its first domestic award from Crown Prince Frederick and its first international prize in the USA in 1876. These medals, together with the “key” representing the city of Bremen, still appear on the Beck’s label today.

Available format

  • 330ml bottle
  • 12 Pack 330ml bottles
  • On Tap

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Tasting Notes

Best served extremely cold, Beck’s is full of character and instantly recognisable by its pure, crisp and fresh taste, with a slightly bitter aroma.

Food Match Notes

Beck’s is often enjoyed foods that have more subtle flavours like fish and chicken dishes. It also a perfect balance for strong tastes – aged cheddar and meats. For a good contrast try a Beck's with spicy foods or a hot curry.