Made to Match - Budweiser


Budweiser is a premium imported American style Lager. The  Beechwood aging process used to brew Budweiser produces a taste, smoothness and a drinkability which results in a beer that is crisp, clean and refreshing. 

Alcohol by volume



Budweiser was introduced in 1876 when company founder Adolphus Busch set out to create the United States’ first truly national beer brand – brewed to be universally popular and transcend regional tastes. Each batch of Budweiser follows the same family recipe used by five generations of Busch family brewmasters. Samples of Budweiser are flown into St. Louis everyday from each of A-B’s 12 regional breweries. There, in a special tasting room, the beer is sampled and judged by their brewmasters to ensure its quality and consistency.

Available format

  • 330ml bottle
  • 12 Pack 330ml bottles

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Tasting Notes

With fresh and subtle fruit notes, a delicate malt sweetness and balanced bitterness for a clean, snappy finish. Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavourful, crisp and pure beer. Budweiser features blended layers of premium American and European hop aromas, brewed for the perfect balance of flavour and refreshment.

Food Match Notes

Like other lagers, Budweiser is a very versatile beer for pairing with food. The refreshing quality makes it a nice accompaniment to spicy dishes and the crisp finish will cut through rich or oily sauces. When pairing with cheese, Budweiser’s rich maltiness, full flavour notes complement the sharpness and buttery-smooth texture of more flavourful, aged cheddar. Budweiser is a great accompaniment for the subtle flavours in chicken, fish and seafood dishes