Made to Match - Little Creatures India Pale Ale

Little Creatures India Pale Ale

For the past decade Little Creatures have poured much of their passion into brewing the best Pale Ale possible, and now feel the time is right to give you a little more… Little Creatures IPA delivers plenty of big rugged hop flavours and a long bitter finish.

Alcohol by volume



Born out of the love of a great beer, Little Creatures was established by a group of friends in 2000 in Western Australia. The modest brew house and packaging line was built from scratch in an old boat yard on the water in Fremantle (which had just been given up as a crocodile farm!). The philosophy of the brewery is create beers that would deliver unique balance of flavour, aroma and refreshment. Little Creatures Pale Ale is the brewery's flagship beer, and has fast become a classic example of the Australian Pale Ale style. Launched to the Australian public in the summer of 2000/2001, the beer quickly won awards - in 2002 and 2007 it was crowned Champion Ale at the Australian International Beer Awards.

Available format

  • 330ml bottle
  • 4 Pack 330ml bottles

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Tasting Notes

Sitting alongside their renowned Pale Ale, the Little Creatures IPA delivers the big, rugged hop flavours and the citrusy nose that you would expect. However you’ll also detect aniseed and savoury notes, balanced out with a long firm bitterness to finish.

Food Match Notes

Pale Ales work well with white meats, and can balance out the spicy flavours of a mexican or Asian dish. The citrus overtones in this brew also make it a great match with seafood and fish.