Made to Match - Speight's Gold Medal Ale

Speight's Gold Medal Ale

The secret to Speight's Gold Medal Ale’s award winning flavour lies in the perfect balance between malt and hop. This award winning beer is brewed with NZ grown malted barley that has been kilned to give the beer a slightly caramelised, almost biscuit-like flavour. 

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Speight's was born in 1876 when James Speight, Charles Greenslade and William Dawson established their own brewery in Dunedin's Rattray St. Their first beer, Speight's Ale took away two gold medals at the Melbourne Exhibition in 1880, and earned the beer the name it still holds today - Speight's Gold Medal Ale.

Available format

  • 330ml bottle
  • 568ml bottle
  • 745ml bottle
  • 330ml can
  • 12 Pack 330ml bottles
  • 15 Pack 330ml bottles
  • 18 Pack 330ml bottles
  • 24 Pack 330ml bottles
  • 12 Pack 330ml cans
  • On Tap

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Tasting Notes

Speight's Gold Meal Ale has a full malt flavour, with a hint of grassy undertones and bitterness. The biscuity taste from the barley is balanced with Pacific Jade and Green Bullet hops, adding an equal amount of bitterness to result in a pleasant finish with no harsh aftertaste.

Food Match Notes

As a more robust and malty example of the NZ Draught style, Speight's Gold Medal Ale is a great accompaniment to any meat dish and is superb with gamey Southern dishes like venison, duck and rabbit. Its malty slightly biscuity sweetness works well with hamburgers, bangers and steak while the balance of hop bitterness brings out the best in chicken drumsticks, paua fritters and seafood.