Made to Match - Speight's Golden Pale Ale

Speight's Golden Pale Ale

A bright, clear beer that tastes as good as it looks, Speight Golden Pale Ale is a golden amber coloured pale ale style beer that's great  for sharing with friends round a crackling  fire or sizzling BBQ

Alcohol by volume



Speight's was born in 1876 when James Speight, Charles Greenslade and William Dawson established their own brewery in Dunedin's Rattray St. Speight's Golden Pale Ale is part of a range of crafted batch brewed beers from the Speight's family.

Available format

  • 330ml bottle
  • 12 Pack 330ml bottles
  • On Tap

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Tasting Notes

Speight's Golden Pale Ale combines spicy flavours and aromas from Motueka hops balanced against caramelised toffee like flavours of crystallized malted barley and chocolate malt. This creates a beautifully balanced, easy drinking pale ale with a zesty aromatic character.

Food Match Notes

Golden Pale Ale’s light spicy flavours and aromas perfectly compliment lighter dishes, especially seafood and tomato based pasta dishes. The sharpness of the Motueka hops cut through lighter cheese and cream based dishes as well as adding palate-cleansing crispness to cut through BBQ flavours.