Made to Match - Steinlager Classic

Steinlager Classic

With a dry finish and crisp clean bitterness, Steinlager Classic is New Zealand's distinctive premium lager and has been loved by Kiwis for over 50 years.

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Steinlager Classic was born out of the challenge of the Black budget to produce a lager of international quality in 1958. In 1977 it won the Les Amis du Vin Award, the most prestigious beer award in the world, it won this again for the following 3 years. Since then Steinlager has represented the best in NZ, supporting in particular our great Yachting and Rugby achievements.

Available format

  • 330ml bottle
  • 330ml can
  • 12 Pack 330ml bottles
  • 15 Pack 330ml bottles
  • 18 Pack 330ml bottles
  • 24 Pack 330ml bottles
  • On Tap

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Tasting Notes

Steinlager's success around the world is credited to its distinctive taste. Steinlager Classic has a robust hop nose of fresh-cut green grass and a full flavour delivered by the Green Bullet hop, grown in Nelson at 41 degrees latitude, the perfect hop-growing location. It has a dry, tangy finish and a clean, crisp bitterness.

Food Match Notes

As with other lagers, Steinlager compliments any spicy dish, such as a Thai curry and it's characteristic bitterness sweeps the palate leaving it refreshed and ready for more. Steinlager is also perfect with tomato based pasta dishes, as the herbaceous nature of the hops enhances the herbs, bringing subtlety to the meal.