Made to Match - About Us

About Us

Made to Match is designed to help Kiwis enjoy beer even more! We’ll provide information and ideas about beer, make some recommendations about different beer styles and brands to try, offer some ideas about food matches and some great recipes to try (including the great recipes from Al Brown that you may have seen on TV or on the videos on this website), and bust some myths and misconceptions about beer.

If you’re keen to find out a bit more about beer, and explore a few new styles and flavours, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re already an expert on beer, you might know a lot of this stuff already, but hopefully you’ll still come across a few useful nuggets of information or things to try.

You’ll see Made to Match online, on TV, and in bars, pubs, restaurants, bottle stores and supermarkets. We hope everyone who sees or uses Made to Match finds out at least one interesting thing they didn’t know about beer, and tries at least one new beer that they enjoy!